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    I'm baaaaaaaaaaack

    With fried chicken. Anyone want any..? Took me a while but I managed to find my way back. Streets got pretty snowed up and covered in jobs and girlfriends, hence why it took me so long. What's the happy haps?
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    Willy Bum Bum!

    Cartoon video possibly NSFW. Actually no it's almost certainly NSFW. Willy Bum Bum!
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    The "Do you remember when?" Thread

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    Google ftw?,-2.086625&cbp=12,114.63,,0,-33.44&ved=0CBUQ2wU&ei=w2GaS8j9Ode2sgbzop2-Aw&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Cradley+Heath,+West+Midlands+B645BB,+United+Kingdom&t=h&panoid=hyEWyeTOWGhrtLF4NBQ6xQ&ll=52.472714,-2.086625&spn=0,359.999397&z=21&source=embed OMG...
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    Drunken sumo

    Found this absolute gem today: Drunken sumo = hilarious. Perfect for a quick giggle :P
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    Development page redesign

    As it stands now, the development page is a rather clumsy affair. Players can click on and start developments without fully knowing what they do, lock or unlock unless they spend time reading the manual. There are also only two categories - Research and Construct - which only make limited sense...
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    Intelligence options

    I'm curious as to why we have to buy intel scans before we can use them. Would it not make more sense to just say "you have the capability to do these scans" and then whenever you choose to perform one, it deducts the cost straight away and performs the scan? I know that people like to...
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    Auto-select ID from main page

    If you login with only one ID on your account you go straight to that ID; however if you've logged in, then close the page (or whatever) and head back to you get two links saying the same thing - essentially "Head to ID selection". Could one (or both) of these links...
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    Do you have Swine Flu?

    ...or as Ross Noble puts it, "Swing Fever"? Disclaimer: The above site is a 'joke' site and under no circumstances should be received as 'fact'. Unless you actually do have Swine Fever, in which case, good luck!
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    Battlefield Heroes

    I was sceptical at first, but this game looks outrageously awesome. Game Trailers trailer for Battlefield Heroes It's a free to play, free to download, free cartoon free shooter. For free. Check it out! I'll certainly be playing when it's released!
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    Azzer the singer

    I was looking through some of my old pictures and found one that Azzer had sent me a while ago to brag about his extensive career as a singer/songwriter. This picture was taken when his first record went platinum. What a stud.
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    Super toilet!

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    The Charlie_B RIOT!

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    Free (legal) Music!

    Bear with me here. I recently came across the site Jamendo while investigating the source of a track from AudioSurf's radio and have to say, it's fantastic! The basic premise of the site is that it's a huge collection of entirely 'free' (and legal) music, distributable under Creative Commons...
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    "A New Wiki"

    Okay, I know there are a number of threads on the topic of the Wiki already (linked below), but this one is slightly different. There seems to be a distinct split between players who would prefer to see the old-style Manual back, and those who can see promise in the Wiki, but not in it's...