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Dec 13, 2007
In order to help you start receiving membership offers, the Bushtarion team have come up with a set of guidelines that, if followed, will make the entire forum a lot easier to navigate!

When creating your thread
Please choose the "[Recruiting]" prefix. This will ensure that any prospective members can immediately determine whether or not you are still looking for members, and will allow them to know whether or not to send you a message!

ALSO it's considered a good idea to add the name of your alliance into the title of your topic so that people know who they could be applying for before sending out messages.

When your alliance is full
It would be really helpful if you could modify your original post and change the prefix to "[Full]". This would ensure that any prospective new members would know not to message you, and would look at other alliances instead.

At round end
All alliance recruitment threads will be set to [Full] and Locked at the end of each round.

If you need help on editing your posts to change the tag, check out the Sticky: vBulletin Quirks/features/help! thread!

Thank you all in advance!
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