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  • Goood :) Yeah I'm still playing probably making this my last one though, although I always say that lol! Azzer has given up, he hasn't been around for years and so the game hasn't been updated since erm 2010 ish lol!
    why would anyone want to chicken out of a party? :/

    I promised my friends that i would celebrate my birthday with a bbq ^_^
    And since my current accommodation isnt really fit for that, ill just throw everything in one big whoopass party :)
    LOL, nice going! never played diablo though, awell on my own computer that is.

    iam also 10minutes away from weekend :D

    but lets see, errrrrrr. i went to indonesia for 3 weeks for holiday ^_^ which was superb

    and for the rest i just do the normal stuff sleep-work-eat-fart-drink-sleep, and iam going to move back in to my parents home in two months *hooray*

    now you wouldnt think that warrants a hooray-kinda-situation, but by the time i get in there they will be moved to there new house!!!

    + a garden!
    I was wondering when you'd next rear your nibbling head! Surprised it took you this long actually :p
    I heard that people that go by the pseudonym "LDA" are too sexy for their pants. Is that true?
    haha well i guess we shall have to see, i take it you are still down in London? I'm a busy man now I'm not a bum, sure i can squeeze you in somewhere tho :p
    Sweet. How soon can you be up in Newcastle?? ;)
    Pft, you liar. I knew you when you were born in the UK, so stop lying!! :p
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