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    [Available] Hobbezak

    Looking for a place to hang out, activity is basically 0.0. Anything over that is a result from checking in at work, so I could be an acceptable defender, no irc activity though, unless I check in in the evenings. Or 2 inactive pnaps for some banter and some def, won't do any attacks at all...
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    have original names to blend in: Hobbezak, abcd036, abcd739, abcd965, Alvestein, bill89, CK1337, Coruba, davegratte, ghij386, jklm188, jklm929, klmn261, klmn531, klmn812, magpie+, nopq736, nopq960, opqr701, pinpower, pqrs864, rstu085, Steve_God, stuv834, timtadams, timthetyrant, tobapopalos...
  4. Hobbezak

    USA West Coast

    Since I know there are a fair few Americans playing this game, or trying anyway, I thought this could be a good place to ask around for some tourist information. ^^ I'm going to California, Nevada, Utah & Arizona in june, so currently looking around for some more information on the area apart...
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    Alliance unit statistics

    Unit statistics, but for the HQ Troops. ^^
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    Joyeux anniversaire, Fail'n!

    Yes you Lafin. And may many years filled with orgies, visions of grandeur and general awesomeness be had!
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    TV series

    I'm currently in the process of finishing Deadwood, so I was looking around for some new tv series to follow. Any suggestions?
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    What,according to you , what may be atsanjose???
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    atsan deleted

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    [Recruiting] IT Crowd

    Requirements: - No defence - Only attack on your own - Don't care mentality - Politicsspammers We offer you - No defence - No alliance attacks - Politics spam - Don't care mentality - Sandbag Bunkers. edit: And we also offer no irc-room, because irc is for pansies who can't efficiently use...
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    anti rape

    Thu 9th Dec, year 1. Evening 1 Ticks Ago Government Anger The Government is angry at how frequently we are forcing their anti-rape forces to have to defend targets. As a punishment, we have lost 75 honour. I thought it was almost impossible for someone who doesn't deliberately trigger on...
  12. Hobbezak

    White knights

    Make them fire all, fire after HQ Challengers, and only range-mid. That way the problems stated in my gripes topic ( are fixed. And only ranged/mid, so they can't be used as sweepers. edit: And as Prot said in that topic, maybe just make...
  13. Hobbezak

    White knights

    My gripe is that white knights unbalance certain routes. All military now suddenly have access to a decent flakkiller, rpg and SO suddenly have a unit that targets INN directly, terror route now has a unit that can sweep up after terrors, effectively making it extremely hard to land with...
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    A joint cooperation of - The Darryl Institute for Modern Warfare, - The Royal MattM Society of Tactics and Diplomatics and - The Hobbezak Strategics Association present: DIPLOMACY( In short: A boardgame (7 players) with the aim of...
  15. Hobbezak

    Bots and white knights

    Do bots get white knights?
  16. Hobbezak


    Where are they? Hot tamale hot hot tamale hot tamale hot hot do you like tamale tepid tamale? NO! I like hot tamale! hot tamale hot hot tamale hot tamale hot hot do you tamale warm tamale? NO! I like hot tamale!
  17. Hobbezak

    Haiku Souls

    You're my hero Souls.
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    I searched for "Changer" on the intarwebz, and apart from pictures of pregnant women, I found this: Discuss.
  19. Hobbezak

    Powerblock Podunk

    Podunk and his alliance are working together with Grandes Cojones. A powerblock is being formed, I tell ye! PS: Alliterations are vital for gripes topics to succeed. Hobbezak, probably the best spam in the world.
  20. Hobbezak

    Steve_God admits

    In a shocking interview with Treedude, Steve_God admits the horrible truth (and grabs Rob in the crotch):