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    No valid cookie!!!

    I use a couple of different devices to play on, PC, laptop, phone and tablet. But for some reason every now and again when I log in on my tablet it thinks it's a new device. Any insight on this. It's not getting near to the lower end so I'm not in danger of getting locked out, it's more of an...
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    [Taken] For hire for a week

    So I'm jetting off to 'Murica in May so I won't be playing properly. But I am available for hire for the first couple of weeks. Will be going gurus and not teching past that point (all funds will then go to gurus/ally donations). Hit me up on here or account mail (Sp1ke) if you want me. I'll be...
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    Happy Birthday Gazzy

    Happy birthday dude. Even though you don't have it on your details. :)
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    Spam Bots

    I'm always curious, how do these spam bots pick which thread they are going to go on? Is it completely luck of the draw as sometimes they post twice in the same thread and only once in others?
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    Request help button

    I don't know why it was felt that where it's positioned was a good place for it. I always end up pressing that when I'm using my phone. And it's really starting to piss me off! I'd make a suggestion thread to move it, but I doubt it'll even get the time of day. /rant over!
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    Bush Calcs

    I was just wondering if there were still any calculators around, i had a quick look but couldn't find anything. Antisback's plug-in was there, but i was just wondering if there were any calcs left?
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    [Available] Looking for fun alliance

    Hey guys, just looking for an alliance that will take me, would be great to play with some of the guys i used to play with, not looking for anything serious at the moment. =)
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    [Recruiting] Universal Soldiers

    Recruiting old members and new members and any old friends that i've played with along the way. Going to be an alliance just for fun, but will need people to be active and defend and most importantly to have fun. =) Spike
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    Happy Birthday Tobapopalos

    Happy birthday dude. =D
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    [Full] Seed

    Seed is currently recruiting any members for fun. Only 2 requirements: [23:21] <saintconnor> yeah, they need to be female [23:21] <saintconnor> or willing to cross-dress Enjoy and apply away =D